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Design - Product & Process Development - Consulting - CNC Machining - Composite Part Design and Manufacturing

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High Precision CNC Mill Work

Complex Part Geometry - High Quality Surface Finish - Advanced Work Holding

Our primary focus for machining at Origen Manufacturing is to leverage our mill and programming expertise to minimize any hand work and provide our customers with the highest level of tolerance control and surface finish right out of the machine.

Our experience is primarily with non-ferrous alloys, mold/tool steels, and engineering plastics but we can work with virtually any material. When called for, we can achieve 3D surface finishes of sub 20 Ra µin with no post finishing required.

We have a network of quality partners to provide certified coatings and surface treatments as needed.

Metal Drills
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Composite Part Design and Manufacturing Experts

Design - Development - Manufacturing

With over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing carbon fiber products, we have the understanding and expertise to bring your ideas to market or solve your most difficult challenges.

We have a broad range of experience that includes many different composite manufacturing processes and materials.  We currently specialize in press molded part production.  Our capabilities include compression molding, bladder molding and trapped rubber molding. 

We also are experts in roll wrapped composite tubing.  With over 120 different mandrel sizes to choose from and a broad range of composite materials, we can create the product you are looking for.     

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1452 W. Stone Field Way, STE A1
Pleasant View, Utah 84404


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