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Molded Carbon

Molding Equipment:

  • Current press capabilities: 50-ton heated platen with a 17”x 24” molding capacity

  • Vacuum Curing Table - 36"x48" Flat Panels 

  • Curing Oven - 40"x45"x84" - Temperatures up to 500F

  • Curing Oven - 48"x48"x30" - Temperatures up to 500F


  • Pre-preg materials

    • Standard, Intermediate and High Modulus available​

    • Experience with many different resin systems from standard epoxies to Cyanate Ester.

    • 2x2 Twill 

    • 7781 Fiber Glass

    • Sheet/Bulk Molding Compounds

  • Wet Lay-up​

    • Vacuum bag/Oven curing wet lay-up composite parts​

Processes: ​

  • Bladder Molding

  • Compression Molding

  • Trapped Rubber Molding

  • Flat Panel Molding

  • Vacuum Bag / Oven Cure

  • Self Heated Molds - Regloplas Heating Units

CNC Machining


  • Responsive CNC milling services for small to medium-sized parts utilizing our 3 and 4-axis vertical CNC mills (up to 41”x22”x21” XYZ)

  • We utilize the latest MasterCAM software to program optimal toolpaths, create custom workpiece fixturing, and carry out cut simulations. 


  • Expertise in machining small volume(10's) to large volume(10,000's) batches of parts in aluminum alloys, hardened or annealed tool steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, Titanium and engineering plastics, including thermoplastic composites.

Surface Finish: ​

  • We have an extensive background in advanced 3D surface milling that allows us to cut intricate mold tooling and precise part profiles with surface finishes under 20 µin Ra.

Coatings: ​

  • Expedited anodizing/plating and heat-treating services are available through our reliable vetted partners with turnaround times as short as 48 hours. (certifications also available)  

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Composite Tubing


  • CDI Wrapping Table (2)

  • CDI Wrapping Machine

  • CDI Mandrel Puller

  • CDI Centerless Sander

  • Tube Curing Oven


  • Tube Length Range:  Up to 73"

  • Tube Diameter Range:  .25" to 4"


  • We work with all fiber and resin types

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3D Printed Washout Tooling


  • ExOne S-Print 3D Printer

Materials: ​

  • Cera Bead Ceramic Media

    • Low CTE - 2ppm/F​

    • Able to reclaim and reuse media

  • Fluid Fuse Water Soluble Binder​

    • Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly​



  • CMMC Level 2

    • NIST 800-171 

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